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  • Description

    Unsponge Squeeze™ - Red Gingham

    Rowen Stillwater has listened to customer feedback and produced this brilliant brand new and updated UnSponge Squeeze

    It is made with a cotton print top, brushed cotton base and new cellulose core.  It provides an easier transition to zero waste by mimicking the performance of existing plastic sponges. Read more about the new Unsponge Squeeze under the More Info Tab

    Key Features

    • Flexibility 
    • Easy foaming 
    • Quick drying 
    • And still 100% plant based, compostable and handmade. 

    How long will a Squeeze sponge last? 

    With regular dish soap and cleaners the average life is 4 months, with bleaches and heavy chemicals up to 3 months. 

    Caring for your Squeeze sponge 

    To keep your sponge fresh and ready for use always wring it out after use - it can hold up to 10X its own weight in water so it needs a good squeeze! As your sponge is made from 100% natural materials you can wash it with your towels or freshen it in your regular wash - every 4-5 days will keep it in tip-top condition. You can also run it through the dishwasher. 

    Disposing of your sponge

    When your sponge reaches the end of its useful life it can be cut up and composted or posted in a rag bank for recycling. 

    Size: Each sponge is approximately 12cm x 7cm.

    Pack Size: Single sponge 

  • Brand Ethics

    Customer Feedback which brought on the rise of the Unsponge Squeeze by the very talented Rowen Stillwater!

    Can we have a plastic free sponge that foams? 

    Yes. Yes you can. The Squeeze foams up and lathers just like a regular plastic sponge. If you're anything like our testers you'll actually forget that you're using an eco-alternative! 


    Could you make it more absorbent? 

    Oh yes! You let us know that you'd like to be able to pick up spills with your UnSponges - and with the Squeeze it's a breeze: the cellulose core can hold up to 10x its dry weight in water. 

    Can you get it to dry quicker? 

    That's a yup too - the Squeeze dries six times faster than our regular UnSponge and you can wring it out too. 


    I can't get a regular UnSponge in tight corners - can you make it more flexible? 

    Can do. The Squeeze packs down for those hard to reach nooks. 


    All this and zero waste? 

    Absolutely. The Squeeze is made entirely from biodegradable plant material* and can be composted. If it accidentally ends up in landfill it will just rot away. 


    *The shell of the UnSponge Squeeze is made from 100% cotton, the Heavy Duty from a linen/cotton blend and the Coffee Squeeze from recycled coffee sacks (jute). 

    The cellulose core of all varieties is made from a blend of cotton, wood pulp and flax. The sponge 'pores' are created by dissolving salt crystals which are reclaimed and reused.

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