Our Packaging Pledge

Packaging - now, here is a topic we are determined not to overlook! After all, what is the point of selling plastic free products if the packaging doesn’t follow the same ethos? 

Our parcels may not always be the prettiest you have ever seen but here at The Plastic Free Shop our No Plastic Pledge continues through to our packaging: 

  • We always use reused or recycled paper to package your products safely inside the box - no bubble wrap or foam peanuts. 
  • We use compostable tape made from brown paper, with a latex-based adhesive to seal your parcels - a totally biodegradable tape that can be recycled or composted with your box.
  • Where possible we send out packages in reused cardboard boxes, often ones that have originally come from our suppliers, or been donated by lovely local folk and businesses, or brown paper mailers for small products.  Where we do need to use new boxes these will be made from recycled cardboard where possible.
  • Our invoices are printed on paper recycled from de-inked low-grade household waste material: the most difficult to recycle, and often consigned to landfill.
  • We stamp reused boxes with a little reminder, asking customers to reuse the box if possible. 
  • We also ask that our customers please reuse, recycle, or compost any packaging we send your way :).
  • We offer local customers the option to collect their purchases from us free of charge with prior arrangement, it all helps reduce the amount of packaging we use!