Add To Your WishlistOrganic Tea Tree Essential Oil - 10ml or 30ml

Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil - 10ml or 30mlOrganic Tea Tree Essential Oil - 10ml or 30ml

Add To Your WishlistOrganic Tea Tree Essential Oil - 10ml or 30ml

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    Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil - 10ml or 30ml

    Essential oils play such an important role in our daily lives here at The Plastic Free Shop and we are excited to bring you our own (nearly plastic free) range - we hope you enjoy our selection.

    We work with trusted suppliers of organic oils and we leave it in their capable hands to source the best essential oils worldwide. The oils arrive with us in large sealed aluminium bottles with no extra plastic packaging.  We decant and fill the bottles for you by hand, enjoying the amazing aromas as we do so!

    Our Packaging:

    • The dropper bottles are made from pure quality cobalt blue-tinted glass. Unlike many cheaper alternative blue bottles, they aren’t sprayed with blue dye.  The strong blue glass also offers protection against UV light.
    • White recyclable plastic dropper inserts. (We thought about leaving the dropper out to cut back completely on plastic but feel they add to the ease of use and prevent wastage through spillage).
    • Recyclable aluminium lid with EPE lining to help preserve freshness and prevent leakage.
    • Recycled paper labels designed and printed by us in-house to keep the costs to you to a minimum.
    • No extra packaging!

    Tea Tree Organic Essential Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)

    • Tea tree oil is well-known for its powerful antiseptic properties and ability to treat wounds, which is why it’s one of the top antibacterial essential oils. 
    • Tea Tree oil has so many uses, here are just a few of the more common ones:
      • It can be used as an effective ingredient in homemade cleaning products, 
      • Used in vapour therapy, Tea Tree oil can help with colds, measles, sinusitis and viral infections. 
      • For skin and hair, Tea Tree has been used to combat acne, oily skin, head lice and dandruff.
    • Its natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory actions make it one of the most beneficial essential oils to have close at hand.
    • Aromatic Scent: Tea Tree essential oil has a fresh, antiseptic and medicinal scent. It also has characteristic mint and spice back-notes.
    • Size: 10ml or 30ml
    • Extraction Method: Steam distilled from leaves
    • Batch origin: South Africa

    Caution:Essential oils are highly concentrated and care should be taken when using them.  Keep away from children and eyes and always check if there are any medical issues which could cause a problem. Always seek advice before using essential oils during pregnancy.  Never use pure oils on the skin without diluting, never use internally. Seek help if you have any doubts.

    We have included only a tiny snippet of info about the potential uses and benefits for each essential oil, so we encourage you to do your own research before using.  Many thanks, and enjoy!

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