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  • Description

    MUTINY Razor - Chrome

    We are delighted to add to our Mutiny collection by offering their fantastic three piece safety razor on its own.

    Billions of disposable plastic razors end up in landfill every year. You can help stop this!

    This razor ticks all the boxes, here's why:

    • The handle unwinds allowing you to place a safety blade into the head.
    • Lovely weighted metal razor with a stunning chrome finish
    • 5 FREE recyclable aluminium razor blades to get you started 
    • This razor will save you a fortune over the years in shaving, it's kinder to your skin and will not pollute the planet like a disposable plastic razor.
    • Presented in a cardboard box that can be reused or recycled
    • Plastic free
    • Totally vegan and cruelty free

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  • About Mutiny Shaving Co


    Mutiny Shaving was formed as a rebellion against the corporate Goliath’s currently dominating the shaving industry. These companies charge extortionate prices for over designed razors that we don’t need and are non recyclable. 

    Mutiny Shaving is committed to providing a super-close shaving experience that produces zero plastic waste, is eco & vegan friendly, cruelty free, contains no harmful chemicals and retails at a significantly lower cost to both you and the planet.

  • Reviews

    I'm so glad I decided to give this a go! I'm female and have used cartridge razors for a long time for legs and armpits. This razor is really easy to use and will save lots of money in the long-term. The technique is slightly different to using cartridge razors - move it in straight lines only and don't press down too hard. I thought it would be a bit fiddly but it has been so easy making the switch (and I haven't cut myself yet!)


    I totally agree with Kat's review. I'm so happy with this razor - it gives a really close shave, leaves my skin very smooth, and the blades are easily recycled. I use the Friendly Soap shaving bar with this and couldn't be happier with this pairing.

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