Add To Your Wishlist100% Linen Beach/Bath Towel - Lara Balsam Green

Add To Your Wishlist100% Linen Beach/Bath Towel - Lara Balsam Green

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  • Description

    100% Linen Beach and Bath Towel - Lara Balsam Green

    We are so excited to bring you this fabulous range of linen beach/bath towels from LinenMe. 

    Crafted from pure, highest quality linen these towels are super absorbent and quick to dry making them perfect for cold water swimmers and sun worshippers alike. They are lightweight and not much bigger than your beach book or magazine, so are perfect for travelling wherever your adventures take you. 

    They are also sand-resistant, meaning you don’t end up with a bag full of beach at the end of your day. Large enough to drape over a sun lounger, elegant enough to wear as a sarong and great for covering you up as you change, these beach towels get better with age, softening with each use.  And when you’re back home, they will look equally as good in your bathroom!

    The Lara range comes in so many sumptuous colourful choices, it's difficult to choose! 

    Here we have the ever popular, lovely rich Balsam Green

    Size of Towel: 100 x 135cm

    Weight: approx 430g

    100% Linen, soft, prewashed

    Why a Linen Towel?

    • High absorbency - Linen is able to absorb a phenomenal amount of water for its weight. So a linen towel will get you drier, quicker - great if you swim in cold water and need dry off as fast as possible. 
    • Lightweight - Our linen beach towels are lightweight yet super effective. This makes them perfect for packing for a trip to the beach, pool or gym. No more bulky cotton towels that take up your whole swimming bag and weigh you down when they are wet. If you like to travel light, you will like linen. 
    • Fast drying - Not only will a linen beach towel absorb more water than a cotton terry towel, it will shed it faster too. No more soggy morning-after towels! 
    • Great for holidays - when you are in and out of the water, or showering and heading out for an adventure. 
    • Super soft - Other beach towels can feel scratchy unless they are tumble dried, which is not great for energy consumption and living in harmony with the planet. Your linen towel will stay super soft, and will feel comfortable against even the most sensitive cold water skin. And the softness will last, too.
    • Sustainable - Linen is made from cellulose fibers derived from flax plants.  The flax plant does not require much energy or water resources to produce and the entire plant is used to make linen, leaving no waste footprint. 
    • Biodegradable - Linen is naturally biodegradable and recyclable.

    A linen towel will work hard for years, making it a really sound investment 

  • About LinenMe

    About LinenMe

    LinenMe are a small but expanding family business in Lithuania, a country with strong traditions of flax growing and linen production. Inga, the founder of LinenMe is one of the third generation in her family to work in the flax industry, bringing a wealth of expertise and knowledge to their products. Because they are not a huge corporate giant they are able to offer you a more personal approach. You get the individual attention to detail of a bespoke luxury brand, without the price tag. 

    “At LinenMe we are committed to ensuring our products are sustainably produced. Linen itself is an environmentally-friendly fabric as it requires fewer resources to grow and process, and is biodegradable. We use every last inch of fabric in our production process to minimise waste, and we craft products that are made to last, in keeping with our love of slow-living and considered consumption”

  • Reviews
    Jeanette Evans

    I received my balsam green linen towel yesterday and put it to work in my bathroom straight away. I don’t know how it washes yet but it looks lovely and does the job well. The colour comes up a little bit darker than the photo, I thought it may have been more of a duck egg colour but it is more fern green IMO. Looking forward to when the yellow one comes back into stock as I have my eye on it! P.S. The delivery service was excellent, very neat parcel in a re-used Amazon box. I will buy from this company again, highly recommend.


    I've been working on making my life more sustainable for a few years now, and this was my first foray into linen towels. I have to say I love the simple beauty, and they really do the job well! Added to that, the service and packaging from The Plastic Free Shop really make me feel "part" of something special. Thank-you!

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