If the answer to your question isn't here, we are happy to help, so please do get in touch!

How do you choose the products you sell?

We sell products that we love. Ones which we’d wished had been around when we first tried reducing plastic. Ones which are a really #simpleswap or ones which remind us of the kinds of products that have gone out of fashion but which are really useful. We also sell products that our customers have asked us to stock.  We sell products which will last.  We find products either from our own careful research, from companies reaching out to us, or thanks to customer recommendations.

Can I make a suggestion about a product or brand that I wish you sold?

Yes please – we work hard to make sure that we stock the products that you want, and one of the best ways of doing that is for you to tell us. Please drop us an email to: team@theplasticfreeshop.co.uk with your suggestion.

Why is there sometimes plastic tape on your parcels?

We are practical, pragmatic souls here at The Plastic Free Shop, and we don’t like waste. You already know that we reuse boxes as much as possible, and if the box that we are reusing already has plastic tape on it which is serving an actual function, then we’ll leave it on. It doesn’t seem like a good use of resources to peel off plastic tape only to replace it with paper tape.

How come some products have plastic in them?

Amazing work has been done on creating plastic free alternatives to many everyday items. Amazing work is being done to continue to reduce plastic, especially single use plastic. And we want to champion and support those people and business working hard to find alternatives which means we will occasionally sell products which contain a small amount of plastic. A good example of this are our toothbrushes. They all contain nylon bristles, ie plastic. The handles are bamboo, but there are currently no good, long lasting alternatives to nylon bristles, unless you go for pig hair bristles (which we don’t really want to do!) so for now, we’ll support those toothbrush companies doing a great job of making almost-plastic-free toothbrushes.

Do you ship worldwide?

No we do not. We’ve always felt that it was a bit daft to go shipping products around the world when there are already plenty of brilliant plastic free shops on every continent. For example: our bamboo toothbrushes are made in China, before being bulk shipped to the UK. It really doesn’t make sense for us to then package up one or two toothbrushes and send them off back around the world. Chances are, if you spend a little while doing some research, you’ll find what you are looking for closer to home.  We may also be able to point you in the right direction of a local supplier.

We are also sadly currently not shipping to the EU. We hope this will change soon, but in the meantime, we can only wave hello to our European friends.

Can I come and browse your shop?

Unfortunately not. We are an online shop, which means our unit isn’t set up as a regular shop. It means that you can’t come in and have a mooch around. Not only that, we are also operating under strict ‘no visitor’ limits due to Covid-19 to ensure the safety of the team here.

Can I come and collect an order?

Sure thing! If you live close to us, you are very welcome to place an order online, choose the ‘collection’ option when you get to selecting your delivery, and then swing on by to collect your order in a Covid-Safe fashion.

Are you a vegan shop?

Many of our products are vegan which makes us a great place for vegans to shop, however, we aren’t exclusively a vegan shop. A few products do contain beeswax (always ethically sourced) because it makes sense for those products to use beeswax rather than vegan alternatives but we always try to offer vegan alternatives, for example of our beeswax wraps.

How do you check the ethics of your suppliers?

We talk to them! We find out about them and tell them what sort of business we are, to find out if we’d be a good fit in terms of ethics, attitude to running a business and as people too!

I’ve just discovered your website, and want to place my first order. Can I get a discount code?

We are so happy you found us, and we can’t wait for you to place an order. We don’t have any discount codes for you – our products are priced fairly for our customers, for us, and for our suppliers, and offering discount codes as a ploy to sell more products just doesn’t feel right. We’d love you to shop with us if we have what you need, but we don’t want to encourage you to buy stuff just because it’s cheap.

What if I’m not happy with my order or have changed my mind?

Just get in touch with us straight away and we’ll sort things out as best we can! You have 14 days from receipt of your order to let us know you have changed your mind. 

Where is my order? When will it arrive?

When you placed your order, you will have been sent two emails. One confirming the details of your order – such as delivery information which you’ll have checked to make sure the details are correct – and then a second one with your tracking information. Please follow the link in the email to your tracking information via Royal Mail.

My order is a gift – can you add a message or even wrap it for me?

Yay, what a lovely soul you are, buying a plastic free gift for someone. When you place your order, just pop a little message in the order form, saying that it’s a gift, and we won’t include the invoice. We don’t specifically offer a gift wrapping service, but if we know the order is a gift, we’ll be sure to make it look lovely. If you want us to include a tag, just let us know what you want to say, and we’ll be sure to put that in there for you.