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  • Description

    Ekologik Plastic Free Cleaning Sachets

    Ekologik are a Bristol company who have developed a complete range of cleaning products that not only work brilliantly, but also benefit the planet. Once added to water and shaken, their sachets create a perfect eco-friendly cleaning solution with no compromise on cleaning power.  

    Ekologik care about their carbon footprint and consuming consciously - they keep their supply chains short and manufacture their eco-friendly, water-soluble sachets at their site in Bristol.  Needless to say we are extra delighted to support another brilliant local business.

    Ekologik's plant derived formulations are:

    • Plastic-free
    • Vegan, 
    • Palm oil free, 
    • Cruelty-free and toxic free
    • Always free from harsh chemicals such as Phosphates, Parabens, Phthalates, Ammonia, Triclosan to name a few
    • Packaged in compostable packaging
    • Made in the UK

    2% of each sale is donated to Surfers against Sewage

    What's in the refill pack

    • One refill sachet 
    • One (compostable) sticker label for your reusable bottle 
    • One (compostable) Instruction sticker for your reusable bottle

    How it Works

    As you know we love to reuse stuff here at The Plastic Free Shop.  With that in mind we would always encourage you to reuse any old plastic bottles or alternatives that you have lurking under your kitchen cupboard (if you are anything like us, there will be a few!!). (Please do make sure they are thoroughly rinsed before reusing with Ekologik products).  
    Follow the simple Drop, Fill, Shake and Clean instructions below (full instructions also come with pack)

    1. Drop - Add sachet to 500ml (approx) bottle
    2. Fill - With warm water 
    3. Shake - for 20 seconds with the head on. 
    4. Clean - apply to cloth and clean 

    Toilet Cleaner - For initial use leave to stand for 5 minutes to allow the product to thicken.

    Please choose from four cleaning options:

    Multi-Purpose Cleaner Sachet

    A powerful eco-friendly Multi-Purpose Cleaner. Removes bacteria and perfect for all surfaces from kitchen tops to glass and mirrors. Removes dirt and freshens surfaces. 

    Scent: Ocean breeze- An uplifting blend of eucalyptus and cedarwood, providing you with a refreshing fragrance of the seashore.

    Toilet Cleaner Sachet

    An impressive eco-friendly Toilet Cleaner, keeping your toilet clean and your bathroom fresh. Ekologik's formulation contains Guar bean and Citric acid. 

    Scent: Peppermint – cooling fragrance of peppermint with bursts of geranium providing the slightest floral notes.

    Bathroom Cleaner Sachet 

    Removes bacteria and perfect for tackling grime, limescale and leaving a long lasting shine. A powerful eco-friendly Bathroom Cleaner. 

    Scent: Pink Grapefruit - Sweet, sharp and refreshing scent of fresh grapefruit.

    Virucidal Disinfectant Cleaner Sachet 

    A powerful and effective Virucidal Disinfectant Cleaner, proven to kill bacteria and enveloped viruses, a valuable tool to reduce the chance of infection with viruses and diseases that can be transmitted from touch surfaces. 

    When used as directed, this product conforms to EN 13697, relating to bacteria and EN 14476, relating to enveloped viruses. Disinfects and cleans a range of household surfaces. 

    Scent: Apple breeze- An uplifting blend of crisp apple. A fresh and fruity scent.

    What Surfaces is the Virucidal cleaner suitable for

    The guide below is an indication of compatibility for the Virucidal Disinfectant Cleaner. Please ensure that you wipe the product off domestic fittings from kitchens or bathrooms for the most effective results. This product works best on the surfaces highlighted in green. If you should use the Disinfectant cleaners on the surfaces highlighted yellow, please ensure that you wipe off with a wet cloth and dry the surface. We recommend avoiding the surfaces highlighted red, but if you do use the product on this surface, please ensure that you wipe off with a wet cloth and dry the surface fully.


  • Ingredients

    Multi-Purpose Cleaner Ingredients

    Sodium Carbonate - Beta-Alanine, N-(2 Carboxyethyl)-N-Dodecyl Mono Sodium Salt - Sulphamic Acid - Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulphonate - Alcohols C9-C11 Ethoxylated - Homopolymer of acrylic acid Molecular Weight 4500

    Bathroom Cleaner Ingredients

    Citric Acid - Sodium Carbonate, Beta-Alanine, N-(2 Carboxyethyl)-N-Dodecyl Mono Sodium Salt - Reaction mass of (2S)-Alanine, N,N-bis(carboxymethyl)-, trisodium salt and (2R)-Alanine, N,N bis(carboxymethyl)-, trisodium salt - Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulphonate

    Toilet Cleaner Ingredients

    Hydroxy Propyl Guar Gum - Citric Acid - Reaction mass of (2S)-Alanine, N,N-bis(carboxymethyl)-, trisodium salt and (2R)-Alanine, N bis(carboxymethyl)-, trisodium salt - Sodium Carbonate - Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulphonate

    Virucidal Disinfectant Cleaner Ingredients


  • Reviews
    Claire - The Plastic Free Shop

    I was asked to test the Multi-purpose cleaner before we chose to stock Ekologik, and I was really excited to be able to reuse an old squirty bottle with it. The cleaner is brilliant - really good around the house and kitchen - even on the cooker - and it doesn't leave a smear on mirrors either. It has definitely become one of my faves!

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