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  • Description

    The Bambaw Metal Safety Razor

    This unique, elegant reusable safety razor is a brilliant plastic free alternative made from incredibly strong, durable stainless steel. Unlike disposable plastic ‘pink or blue’ razors, the Bambaw reusable razor provides a unisex design and a close shave for anyone. The slightly longer handle on this eco razor makes it especially easy to control. 

    Billions of plastic razors and their plastic packaging find their way to landfills every year and take hundreds of years to decompose.

    • The double edge eco friendly razor has a long, riffled handle made of high-quality metal. The riffles always provide a tight grip. This makes the razor ideal for shaving the face and the body. The thread is made of stainless steel.
    • Fits all double edge razor blades and comes with one free blade to get you started.
    • If cared for correctly, your new eco razor can serve you for decades.
    • Please see the Product FAQs below for more info on the razor.
    • Made responsibly in China
    • Vegan and cruelty free

    Choose from either black, silver or rose gold

    By switching to Bambaw’s eco-friendly metal razor, you are contributing to the zero-waste movement, making a cleaner environment for all.

    What’s in the Box? 

    • 1 Bambaw metal safety razor 
    • 1 Astra razor blade 
    • 1 In-depth digital user manual

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  • Product FAQs

    Size & Weight 

    • How Long is the Handle? - The handle is 9.7cm long to give you optimal control while shaving.
    • Does it feel heavy & strong?  - Yes, the metal razor is heavy enough to let its weight do the job for you effortlessly.


    • Is this razor chrome plated?  - No, the razor is not chrome plated. 
    • What is the material?  - The razor is made from a high-quality zinc-alloy and stainless steel parts to ensure the ideal weight balance.


    • Is the razor suitable for beginners?  - Yes, it is suitable for beginners and experienced shavers alike.  
    • Is this a closed comb razor?  - Yes, the razor features a closed comb. 
    • Is this butterfly, 2-piece or 3-piece razor?  - The metal razor is a 3-piece razor. This ensures that it is easier to clean and take care of, in-creasing its durability. 
    • Are these better than the normal 5 blade razors?  - Yes, the safety razor is superior to a cartridge razor in almost every way. It is made to last a lifetime, which saves you a lot of money on the long run and protects the environment from non-recyclable plastic trash. While doing this, the razor also gives you a much closer shave with much less razor burn or skin irritations.
    •  Will a safety razor prevent from rash/cuts after shaving?  - Yes, the safety razor can help prevent this. Generally, safety razors are smother for the skin. However, this also depends on other factors, such as how well you prepare your skin. 
    • Does this razor give a close shave?  - Yes, the metal razor is designed to give a smooth and close shave. This is due to just one blade cutting your hair right at the skin level. 
    • Is the razor good for preventing in- grown hairs?  - Yes, the razor is great at preventing ingrown hair. It only has one blade, which cuts the hair right at the skin level, not below it as a cartridge razor can do. Therefore, the safety razor greatly reduces ingrown hair, which are common for cartridge razors. 
    • Could this be used to accurately shave up to the hair line, on say, a mohican or side shave?  - Yes, the safety razor is extremely precise. How-ever, it is advisable to get a bit acquainted with the razor before! The more practice you have, the more accurate you are.
    • What are the best razor blades for this?  - The best razor blades differ from person to person. If you have coarse hair and shave irregularly, it is best to have more aggressive blades. If you shave regularly and have light hair, it is better to opt for mild blades. 
    • How often does the blade need to be replaced?  - This depends from person to person. Whenever the blade is not sharp enough to cut your hair effortlessly anymore, you should consider re-placing it. The time this takes depends on how often you shave, how coarse your hair is and how well you care for the blade.

    Production & Impact 

    • Where is the product made?  - The metal safety razor is manufactured sustainably in carefully chosen locations in China based on exceptionally high social and ecological standards. Afterwards, it is shipped in CO2 neutrality. 
    • How much of this is recyclable as I’m trying to find an eco-friendly razor.  - All parts of the razor are recyclable, as it is made completely from metal. 
    • Are the products tested on animals?  - No, the double edge razor is completely vegan and cruelty free. It is not tested on animals. 


    • Is this recyclable?  - Yes, you can recycle all its parts, the razor should last you for many many years though :)
    • How do I dispose of the old blades please?  - It is best to store the old blades in an old jar, a soda can, or anything similar. When it is filled up, you can safely recycle it according to your local regulation on recycling metal. Please, never throw the blades in the rubbish unprotected, as this is potentially dangerous for you, workers, animals, or children.
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    Ria- the plastic free shop

    Best swap I've made, from disposable razors to this safety razor. So much less package and the replacement blades as so much win!

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