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  • Description

    Natural Grass Pen - Wheat Beige

    Thankyou to A Good Company for bringing us this sustainable and refillable alternative to the many cheap plastic disposable biros out there.

    Their Natural Grass Pen is one of a kind.  It is made using only natural meadow grass and recycled BPA-free plastics, can be refilled and is lovely to hold and use.

    • 80% Meadow grass and 20% BPA-free recycled plastics
    • Refillable (click here for refills)
    • Note: the price is per item not a bundle of four
    • Biogas and waste heat drives the factory
    • Size : 15 cm
    • Item Weight: 9 g
    • Ink colour: Blue
    • Pen colour: Wheat beige
    • Ethically and sustainably made at The Natural Pen Factory, Taiwan

  • About A Good Company

    About A Good Company

    "We are completely transparent 

    • We encourage our customers to understand exactly how our products are made. 
    • We don’t make off-the-cuff statements without backing them up with proper facts. 
    • We detail the environmental footprint of everything we do. 
    • We benchmark ourselves against competing products & brands. 
    • We are completely transparent about our suppliers & partners. 
    • We ask suppliers & partners to provide us with hard proof about their practices. 

    We never take shortcuts 

    • In the choice between different courses of action, we will always take the route that makes our company and our products better and more responsible. 
    • We will always climate compensate our shipments, even if that comes at a cost. 
    • We develop our own packaging material. 
    • We say firmly no to cheap but harmful materials, such as BPA-plastics. 
    • We evaluate our suppliers & partners on more than just the cost. 
    • We avoid working with suppliers & partners that we can’t influence. 

    We refuse to become corporate 

    • We think the traditional way of running a company — with a big office that no one else can use, a fancy reception, stale conference rooms, and faceless art — is out of date. 
    • Our office is 100% remote: we work together, but we don’t share an office. 
    • We believe in well-oiled teams and avoid becoming dependent on lone-wolf heroes. 
    • We always recruit globally, to assemble a broad spectrum of experience and skill. We accept and celebrate fast failures, and we learn from our mistakes. 
    • We encourage a healthy & balanced lifestyle, that leads to higher productivity. "
  • The Natural Pen Factory

    The Natural Pen Factory

    "How we found it 

    As we started A Good Company, we knew from the onset that we wanted to make an environmentally friendly pen. You see, most of the pens out there are terrible for the environment, made from the worst kind of plastics, with production methods that will hopefully be subject to tough regulation in the near future. 

    Our sourcing team visited a number of trade fairs in Hong-Kong and Taiwan, looking for a better alternative. In a quiet corner on a big fair on one of our visits to Taiwan, we fell in love with The Natural Pen Factory, a tiny factory in the Taipei region that makes pens using only natural meadow grass and recycled BPA-free plastics. 

    The process and way of working 

    The Natural Pen Factory employs an environmentally friendly and resource-efficient closed-loop manufacturing process, which means that the factory produces no waste products or wastewater. All materials for the pens are sourced either from recycling (plastics or biomass) or are renewable raw materials from the Taiwan region, such as meadow grass that grows just adjacent to the factory. 

    The water used in the production process stems from the water naturally occurring in the meadow grass, and it’s continuously reconditioned so that the factory doesn’t have to use additional water from the public water supply. 

    Biogas and waste heat from the production process are used for heating water, for drying and for generating electricity. "

  • Reviews

    Great pen, I have used mine for a year with refills too. The blue is a bit paler than market standard blue but not a problem, quite nice really. No problems whatsoever. A bit of a mindset shift for some people perhaps to just have one pen that you use for everything than handfuls biros all over the house, but then I suppose you could buy many of these! Have bought them as presents too. Really nice to know this is my "special pen" that i will stick with for a long time.


    This pen is brilliant! It is so comfortable to write with being triangular and I can’t believe it’s made from grass! The ink flows smoothly too. So glad to know I’m not throwing away so many plastic biros anymore. I am also really impressed by the ethics and transparency of the company.

    Chris B

    These pens of grass have class - gracias! The barrel of the pen is triangular in cross-section and has a slightly rough feel. I really like both these things, because they make it more comfortable to write with the pen. The nib works well (it arrives sealed with a little wax which is simple to scrape off to get started). It writes a fine precise line in blue (black refills are available too). The nib is retractable and on a spring, which also makes for a nicer writing experience than teh ultra-cheap 'disposble' pens. So they would be my favourite kind of 'biro' already, even if it weren't for the Eco-friendlyness!

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