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  • Description

    DENTTABS - Toothpaste tablets - Fluoride FREE

    "The best possible dental care using the least amount of chemical ingredients."

    This was the original idea behind the development of DENTTABS teeth cleaning tablets.

    We are so pleased to bring DENTTABS to The Plastic Free Shop.  We have had so many requests to stock the fluoride free option, so here they are! We hope you get on well with them.  

    DENTTABS are such an easy and effective alternative to conventional toothpaste which traditionally comes in unrecyclable tubes. Here's a few reasons why they tick our boxes:

    • Plastic free - The loose tablets arrive with us in one large thick paper bag containing 10,000 tablets.  We then weigh and decant by hand into our aluminium bottles.
    • The 2 month refill bags are ready packed by Denttabs and are EU certified "OK home compost" paper with corn starch polymer lining to protect from moisture.
    • Denttabs don't contain water and therefore need no preserving chemicals.  Did you know that normal toothpaste in tubes is 50% water with many added chemical ingredients for stabilising and preserving? 
    • One refill pack of denttabs replaces two tubes of conventional toothpaste.  One pack of denttabs weighs approximately 42g, compared to two tubes of conventional toothpaste which is around 150g
    • Denttabs' mission is to provide the best dental care using the fewest chemicals.  They are proudly free from
      • preservatives, 
      • germ-inhibiting substances, 
      • binders 
      • aluminium and nanoparticles
      • Gluten
    • Vegan friendly
    • Cruelty free
    • Natural Cosmetic Certified (COSMOS) - for more information please go to the Ingredients tab
    • Designed and manufactured in the EU
    • Denttabs are proud to be climate neutral.  They have calculated and offset the CO2 footprint of their toothpaste tablets together with Climate Partner. Together they support a climate protection project for clean drinking water in Odisha, India

    How Will I receive my DENTTABS?

    You have the option to either

    • Purchase your DENTTABS in one of our neat lightweight aluminium bottles- perfect for refilling, keeping clean and dry in the bathroom or throwing in your washbag for those trips away.  Choose either:
      • 1 months supply in a 30ml bottle = 20g - approx 62 tablets (2 per day) or
      • 2 months supply in a 50ml bottle = 40g - approx 124 tablets
    • Purchasing the refill bag 
      • Supplied ready packed by denttabs  
      • sufficient for 2 months with 2 x daily use with 1 tablet each (125 tablets)
      • SAVE with 3 packs (6 months supply)
      • Packaging - EU certified "OK industrial compost" paper with corn starch polymer lining to protect from moisture.  Denttabs are working hard towards launching fully home compostable packaging.
  • Ingredients

    DENTTABS teeth cleaning tablets consist of just a few key ingredients: 

      • Microfine cellulose fibers (microcrystalline cellulose): The cellulose fibers in the toothpaste tablets are obtained from woody parts of plants. Naturally FSC-certified and grown in the EU. It is a long-chain polysaccharide that can polish your teeth ultra-smoothly into the spaces between the teeth. Therefore, new particles simply roll off the tooth surfaces. Deposits, also known as plaque, can practically not develop in the first place. 
      • Citric Acid: Stimulates the flow of saliva. The increased saliva flow with natural calcium and phosphate ions causes a faster remineralization of the tooth enamel and the tooth. 
      • Sodium hydrogen carbonate (sodium bicarbonate ): Also known as baking soda, it reacts with citric acid to adjust the pH of the tablet to a neutral value while brushing your teeth. 
      • Silica : Serves as a gentle cleaning agent. 
      • Amisoft (Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate): A mild and natural surfactant, which consists of vegetable fatty acids and the amino acid glutamic acid, which is isolated from vegetable proteins . When cleaning, it helps to combine proteins, fats and carbohydrates with water so that they can be flushed out when rinsing out. 
      • Natural mint aroma : Together with the stevia extract and menthol, it ensures a pleasant feeling of freshness in the mouth. Eugenol : part of our natural mint flavor. Eugenol is also known as a characteristic flavouring substance from cloves. 
      • Xanthan Gum : A natural polysaccharide that is also used as a thickening and gelling agent. In the toothbrush tablet, it ensures the pleasant creaminess after chewing the tablet. 
      • Stevia (Stevioside): Sweet-tasting plant that, together with the aroma and menthol, ensures the good taste. Steviosides are not sugar, but proteins that have a characteristic sweet taste. That is why steviosides cannot cause tooth decay. 
      • Magnesium stearate (Magnesium Stearate) : A vegetable excipient that is necessary for the manufacture of tablets.

    * A Note about Palm Oil - statement from Denttabs:

    We do not use palm oil directly in the production of our Denttabs toothpaste tabs. For two ingredients (magnesium stearate and sodium lauroyl glutamate), we cannot completely rule out palm oil in the manufacturing process. Since Denttabs is a certified natural cosmetic product, we receive certified proof from our upstream suppliers that the palm oil used comes from sustainable cultivation and meets certain minimum standards. Naturally, we are on the lookout for a palm oil-free variant for both raw materials. As soon as we can replace them while maintaining the same quality, we will implement this immediately.

    Natural Cosmetics Certification

    Denttabs toothpaste tabs bear the recognised COSMOS Natural seal of the BDIH for controlled natural cosmetics. 

    This applies to both their packaging and the tablets themselves. 

    Denttabs must meet the following requirements to receive the seal: 

    • No use of artificially produced dyes and fragrances, silicones, kerosenes and other petroleum products 
    • Raw materials from dead vertebrates (e.g. animal fats, mink oil, marmot fat, collagen) are prohibited 
    • Animal testing is prohibited in the manufacture, development and testing of the final products 
    • The products must be manufactured in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving manner 
    • Genetically modified organisms may not be used 
    • The packaging materials must be made of recyclable materials and used as sparingly as possible. 
    • No plastics, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene and other plastics containing styrene.

  • How To Use

    How To Use

    • Chew up a DENTTABS teeth cleaning tablet with your front teeth until you feel no more crumbs and it becomes paste like
    • Brush your teeth with the wet toothbrush as usual. 
    • Rinse out - done. 
    • They 'feel' very similar to regular toothpaste, although they don't foam up quite as much - don't worry, they are still working hard!

    Denttabs recommend using a soft bristled toothbrush, as this helps with the ‘polishing’ action. However I use one of our medium stiffness brushes and that works fine for me. 

  • Reviews
    annie F

    WOW zingy fresh and work really well , arrived in a lovely little refillable aluminium bottle.

    Elaina Mc Nally

    I was a bit ambivalent about making the change from ordinary toothpaste but I have to say I love these and they come in a lovely bottle too! Super fresh clean feel and nice flavor! Definitely recommend!

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