Welcome to our plastic free clearance page!

As you probably already guessed, we do our absolute best to create as little waste as possible. As part of our 'waste-less ethos' we try to ensure that all products find a good home, even if the packaging has been damaged, or if the product itself has become blemished a tad but is still perfectly functional. 

The same goes for 'end of line' products. Just because the branding has changed, or the formulation is been updated, we don't feel that those end of line goods shouldn't be sold. Likewise, if a product is nearing the end of it's shelf life (but is still in perfectly good condition) or if the season is just plain wrong, who are we to say it can't be used? Occasionally, we might also have products from small businesses which have ceased trading which we wish to sell sooner rather than later. Again, products which are wonderful but which we don't want hanging around!

Any such items may well find their way into our Clearance Page - ready for you to buy at a lower price. 

If there is any doubt, we will state the reason for listing all items that find their way into our clearance page so you can make you decision about what to buy. Naturally, all items will be thoughtfully packed in our usual plastic free style!