Ten plastic free gift ideas

Ten plastic free gift ideas

Plastic Free Gift with eco friendly packaging

Ten plastic free gift ideas

Buying gifts can be tricky at the best of times, but right now, it's a veritable minefield, especially if you are trying to be a bit more eco-friendly when it comes to what you buy and where you buy it.

We've compiled this handy list of great gift ideas, from a couple of cheeky stocking fillers to luxurious gifts which are guaranteed to win over even the most difficult of family members. 

We hope this list will prove useful, or that it will provide inspiration for you in your gift shopping exploits!

In no particular order:

  1. A nice lip balm. Who doesn't love a good lip balm? From outdoor swimmers, cyclists, runners, face-covering wearers, fast talkers and slow walkers, we all need to look after our lips and a balm full of natural protection and moisture in a recyclable package says 'I care' without being too showy! 
  2. A good book. Winter is a great time to cosy up with a cuppa and a book - there are some brilliant independent bookstores around so you don't have to buy from the mega firms and if you want to inspire with your gifting this Christmas, we stock a small but perfectly formed range of books to get your loved one thinking. 
  3. For the friend who really does love a good cup of tea, our clever and practical tea strainer will make every cuppa plastic free and will remind them of you every time they pop the kettle on!
  4. A straw brush cleaner. Such a simple thing, but one which will make anyone drowning in plastic straws that they just can't throw away, dance with joy!
  5. Soap on a Rope - sounds like something that was around in the 80's but the updated modern version is a luxurious soap full of natural goodness which is perfect for even the most hardened shower gel devotees!
  6. Talking of showers, the gift of a shampoo bar has always been tricky seeing as hair care is a very personal choice. That's why our shampoo bar from Sintra Naturals is the perfect gift for people who are particular about their hair because it works brilliantly, even in hard water areas, and smells divine! 
  7. Indulge the new bakers in your life (there's bound to be one!) with a little luxury in the kitchen. Rather than buy them a tub of yeast (useful, yes, but a good stand-alone gift, perhaps not!) we suggest a gorgeous linen bread bag. They are all the rage for keeping a proudly baked loaf of bread nice and fresh which means you benefit from this gift too - that's a win/win all round!
  8. Beards might still be high fashion, but shaving is still pretty darned popular and looks set to stay with us for a good while. A lovely reusable and recyclable safety razor is exactly the kind of gift that will last for years to come, making you the best gift giver ever. 
  9. Gardening has become a 'thing' and no matter what sort of gardener you know, you can be sure that they'll be tut-tut-tutting about all the plastic pots that seem to be necessary nowadays. Save them their tuts, and gift them a book such as The Garden Jungle by Dave Goulson so they can come up with loads of wonderful ways to make their garden greener. 
  10. Anyone who reuses old humous pots is never going to buy themselves a reusable snack pot. But they want one. I promise you, they do. And they'd love this one. Or these ones. Or this one

We also have a lovely range of gifts sets, chosen by the team here at The Plastic Free Shop, which would also make fab gifts for anyone who might appreciate a bit of carefully thought out plastic-free-ness this Christmas!