No Black Friday deals here - yay!

No Black Friday deals here - yay!

Black Friday written in chalk

No Black Friday deals here - yay!

Black Friday has become a really big event in the annual calendar, and we often get asked if we will be offering any discounts or special deals in the run up to Christmas, so we thought we'd share a little bit about why we won't be running any huge (or small) Black Friday special offers, or offering any discounts at all.

On a personal level, we've never been the kind of people who stand outside a shop for hours, just to buy a cheap pair of designer jeans, and to be honest, we find the pressures of big sales pretty stressful. Now that we run an online shop, and Black Friday is online, we really aren't keen on the idea of making things so cheap that you just HAVE to buy more and more stuff, whether or not you need it or even want it. It doesn't feel right to be encouraging people to spend more and more when, for the most part, many of us already have what we need.

On a business level, setting prices as a small relatively new business can be really tricky, but we've always worked hard to keep our prices fair, to both you, our suppliers and to us! The whole point of The Plastic Free Shop is for people (like you!) to buy items which are as environmentally sound as possible, as and when you need them, rather go out on a shopping binge, just because it's cheap or discounted in a short term special offer. At The Plastic Free Shop, we don't do 'sales' or discount generally - we may occasionally offer a small discount for a special event - for example, if we've been invited to talk to a group of people. Likewise, we may need to reduce the price of damaged packaging or stock so that it can be bought and used rather than thrown away because we hate the idea of throwing away perfectly good items just because they are no longer pretty. But huge crazy 'buy buy buy' sales? Nope. Definitely not. 

We want to help people to consume less stuff, rather than more (a tricky aim for a shop, but stick with us on that one!) which is why we only sell products that will last for as long as possible. As you might have guessed, we aren't here just to help you reduce plastic, but we also want to be part of cutting down on waste in general. It does mean that maybe sometimes we recommend the slightly less convenient option, such as kitchen cloths that you wash rather than throw in the bin, but when it comes to choosing the more environmentally sound options, those simple swaps really are the key. That's why we've done the hard work for you; sourcing and testing products - so you can make a difference every time you shop with us.

It's also important to think about the bigger picture: all of our suppliers are small businesses too, working to tight margins, deadlines and budgets. They often make their goods in the old fashioned (ie slow!) manner which is better for the environment if a tad tricky to manage when it comes to planning ahead! For example, some of our handmade soaps take over six weeks to make: if we were to go discounting our products in order to sell lots in a short period of time, we would then be putting pressure on them and their suppliers and team members which just doesn't strike us as fair. Especially if those suppliers rely on stable cash flow to make the very items that you love.

So while Black Friday may be a huge event for many people, here at The Plastic Free Shop, we'll keep doing what we love - sharing the joy of owning things that you can feel excited to receive, and proud to use, in some cases for many years to come.