How to Choose the Right Shampoo Bar for Your Hair

How to Choose the Right Shampoo Bar for Your Hair

How to Choose the Right Shampoo Bar for Your Hair

Selection of Natural Shampoo Bars

There’s no doubt that natural shampoo bars can be tricky to get right. We often hear from people who have tried one bar and didn’t get on with it, so give up entirely, assuming that shampoo bars just aren't for them. But if you test a liquid shampoo and find it’s not right for your hair, would you just give up with liquid shampoo altogether? Probably not! Whether you’ve struggled with the wrong shampoo and conditioner bars before or haven’t given eco-friendly shampoo a go yet, it’s useful to do your research to make the right choice. That’s exactly why we’ve put together our top tips for finding the perfect bar. 

Be Open to Trying Different Shampoo Bars

Just like a bottled shampoo won’t suit all hair types, neither will a shampoo bar. You may have to be a little patient before you find one that’s perfect for your locks, but it’ll be well worth the wait. Most shampoo bars are very affordable, so trying a few won’t break the bank, and any that don’t work for you, you can pass on to a friend who may have better luck with it or use it as a regular soap or shaving soap! 

Identify Your Hair Type

A lot of natural shampoo bars will be made with different hair types in mind. For example, Beauty Kubes have solid shampoo for oily hair as well as one for normal to dry hair, and each type contains different ingredients to target the problems you have. Choose the wrong one, and your hair isn’t going to like it! So, you need to know what hair type you have before you choose a shampoo. To do this, dab a single layer of tissue on your scalp on the second day after washing. Then, check how much oil is left on it to work out your hair type: If it comes back with a little mark of oil then you have normal hair If it comes back with no oil then you have dry hair. If it comes back with a very visible amount of oil then you have oily hair.

What About Solid Shampoo Bars for Damaged Hair?

If you have chemically treated hair or use a lot of heat, your locks might need some TLC to stay strong and healthy. In terms of eco shampoo bars, we’d recommend first looking for one that suits your hair type, regardless of the level of damage. You’ll want to make sure you have clean roots before you can fix any hair stress. The part of your hair routine that you should focus on for fixing damage is your conditioner bar. Based on how nourishing they are, we’d recommend either the lovely Mango Bay Solid Conditioning Bar or the Sintra Silk and Shine Vegan Conditioner Bar. 

Are You a Hard or Soft Water Area? 

This is one of the key considerations when it comes to choosing your shampoo bar. Some shampoo bars work better in soft water areas than hard water. In hard water, soap-based shampoo bars can leave a waxy layer on your hair, making it feel anything but clean! Switch to a surfactant-based bar instead, which will contain ingredients like: Sodium cocoyl isethionate Decyl glucoside Coco glucoside Disodium cocoamphodiacetate. These are plant-derived ingredients that work well in both hard and soft water. They won't leave your with waxy hair and will be able to clean wonderfully no matter where you live or travel. The Plastic Free Shop is based in Bristol, a really hard water area, and we can all recommend the Sintra Naturals Vegan Shampoo Bar as a great shampoo when it comes to dealing with hard water.

If you’re ready to add a natural shampoo bar to your collection of eco-friendly toiletries, be sure to check out our full range! We have plenty of options to pick from. If you need a little more help choosing the right bar, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, and we can lend a hand.