Add To Your WishlistEarth Conscious Vegan Deodorant STICK - 60g - Peppermint & Spearmint (Strong Protection)

Natural Vegan Deodorant Stick - Peppermint & Spearmint - Strong ProtectionNatural Vegan Deodorant Stick - Peppermint & Spearmint - Strong Protection

Add To Your WishlistEarth Conscious Vegan Deodorant STICK - 60g - Peppermint & Spearmint (Strong Protection)

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  • Description

    Earth Conscious Vegan Deodorant STICK - 60g - Peppermint & Spearmint (Strong Protection)

    Mint Strong Protection is specially formulated to provide the maximum effectiveness without compromising the natural ingredients - now available in a cardboard tube.

    Earth Conscious are Winners of The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards Best Deodorant 2016 & Best Buy 2017

    • 100% Natural Ingredients.
    • The Earth Conscious range are antibacterial deodorants, not antiperspirants.  The natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of the ingredients work brilliantly to keep you smelling fresh all day long:
      • Sodium Bicarbonate prevents the smell that is caused from underarm bacteria.
      • Coconut Oil & Shea Butter helps soothe and moisturise.
      • Arrowroot helps to keep you dry
    • Flavoured by organic essential oils only - no synthetics
    • Note - All Earth Conscious deodorants are gentle and kind to the skin but we do advise for those with particularly sensitive skin to try one of our milder scents first.
    • No aluminium, parabens or carcinogens
    • Totally cruelty free
    • Vegan Friendly
    • Biodegradeable/recyclable cardboard packaging
    • Suitable for adults and teens
    • Support healthy marine life
    • Eu registered and certified
    • Earth Conscious donates a proportion of their sales to The Marine Conservation Society
    • Product Size: 60g


  • Ingredients


    • Certified organic coconut oil, 
    • certified organic arrowroot powder, 
    • certified organic shea butter, 
    • sodium bicarbonate, 
    • sunflower wax, 
    • certified organic peppermint essential oil, 
    • certified organic spearmint essential oil (*Limonene, *Linalool).

    *Ingredients Naturally Occurring in Essential Oils

  • How To Use

    How to Use:

    Apply sparingly directly from the cardboard stick applicator. In cooler months this works very well as the deodorant will melt upon contact with you skin and may be easier to use than the tin. 

    Be careful when pushing up that you dont push too far.


    Please store out of direct sunlight. It is best to store your natural deodorant in a cool dark place.  The natural and organic ingredients that are used may be affected by changes in temperature.

    Please be aware that the consistency of your Natural Deodrant Stick may soften and harden depending on the room temperature it is stored in. In very warm weather please place in the fridge where it will still apply smoothly and easily by melting on contact with warm skin.

  • About Earth Conscious

    earthconsciouslogo.jpgEarth Conscious Ethics:

    • Affordable - always fairly priced
    • Cruelty Free - certified cruelty free by PETA
    • Eco-Friendly - Earth Conscious only use ingredients that are not harmful to wildlife, marine life or the environment at large.
    • All products have the relevant Cosmetic Product Safety Reports
    • Organically Certified ingredients - and where possible certified by the Soil Association
    • Product Packaging is plastic free and recyclable
    • Palm Oil Free - no palm oil in any of their products
    • Vegan Friendly options

  • Reviews
    Mark Hayles

    We bought this a) because we wanted to reduce our use of plastics and b) because I am allergic to virtually all deodorants and end up either itching, stinking or both! I wasn’t too hopeful to be honest but wow. I have had no allergic reaction and despite it being summer and pretty hot at times (and me sweating a lot!) I have not had any ‘stinky pit’ days at all. The deodorant works really well and I can’t imagine me using anything else in the future (although currently out of stock!). Highly recommended and I feel so much better both morally (less plastic) and physically (not stinking!). Bravo to whoever invented this and thank you.


    This deodorant is excellent! I've been using natural deodorants for a long time but wanted to find a good plastic free one. This is the most affective deodorant I've ever used I think! Usually by the end of the day my right underarm (only the right!) is a little funky and I generally can't wear the same top twice because of this. I've put this deodorant to the test this week under stress conditions, all day at work and getting hot, without re-applying and by the end of the day I'm still fresh!! So I'd definitely recommend this product


    Love this deodorant, this is the second time I've bought one. It lasts most of the day and i haven't had a bad reaction to this as i have other deodorants. Also if you have a reaction to Aluminum in other sticks give this one a go as it get doesn't give of that chlorine smell after sweating.


    Not only do I smell fragrant in this hot weather, it is fabulous to know that there will be no nasty chemicals no non ethical ingredients, everything is sourced with people, animals and the environment in mind - that and the packaging is spot on - not too much and NO PLASTIC hurrah !


    Whilst it works well as a deodorant it has stained the underarms of all of my clothes....despite using as directed.

    Vicky F

    I'm so impressed with this deoderant, it works perfectly even with anxiety sweating which I'm prone to. After years of using welll known brands (none of which worked particularly well) the minty scent took a bit of getting used to, but I really like it now. It can leave white marks on the inside of clothes, but I don't mind that because the product is so good otherwise. I feel fresh all day.

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