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Add To Your WishlistRound Coconut Fibre Scourers - Pack of 2

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  • Description

    Coconut Fibre Scourers - Pack of 2

    A pack of two donut-shaped, biodegradable and highly durable multipurpose non scratch scourers.  Suitable for non-stick frying pans; great on hard surfaces like the cooker hob or stove top, and safe for enamel sinks and baths.

    Made ethically in Sri Lanka from waste coconut coir wrapped around a stainless steel wire

    Why We Love Them

    • Perfect for scrubbing away hard grease, stains and any food residues
    • Non scratch
    • Contains no plastic or toxic chemicals
    • Naturally antibacterial and toxin free coir fibre
    • Biodegradable/recyclable
    • Sustainable
    • Zero Waste Club plant a tree for every pack of scourers sold
    • Plastic free. Presented in a 100% recycled and recyclable unbleached Kraft box, printed with soy ink.
    • Zero Waste Club always include a lovely Message from The Maker with all their products.

    Care & End of Life

    • Rinse after each use and store in a dry place. On first few uses you may notice some loose fibres or ‘dust’ but this will reduce over time.
    • To dispose, you can cut the bristles off the metal wire. These bristles are 100% biodegradable and can be added to your food waste or compost. Then you can recycle the wire as normal in your metal recycling.

  • About Zero Waste Club

    Rishi and Pawan are the founders of Zero Waste Club.  Frustrated with what is happening to the planet they went in search of answers. While the markets are changing slowly, they noticed that many products that are eco-friendly are given a luxury label. 

    They also found that many products sold under the “eco” label tend to stretch the definition of sustainability. Thus they decided to start their own journey to produce truly sustainable, beautifully designed, ethical and vegan essentials at affordable prices. 

    They want to do more than just make beautiful eco-friendly products. So they are striving to be the most transparent, ethical, sustainable goods company on earth. Opening up their supply chain fully for everyone to see they show that there is a nicer way to do business.  Hopefully this will inspire other businesses to do the same.

  • Reviews
    Anna Boyd

    I think these are brilliant for heavy duty work. I use them for cleaning my grill, I actually find they work way better than the scourers I was using before, also better than the wire wool which always caught in the rungs. I don't use them for general washing up so can't comment, but they're excellent for tough scrubbing.


    Excellent. This is easy to use, dries quickly and is long-lasting.


    I was pleasantly surprised with this. I find the bristles can fall out a little when using but they scrub well and the environmental benefits are great. Will buy again when I need to.


    Fantastic, wish I knew about them earlier. Been using them for a year and eventually getting a bit misshapen so ordering new ones. Use one for dishes and one for the bathroom. They do collect food debris a bit if you haven't scraped the plate well but we just stick them in the washing machine.


    I love these so much - they’re invincible! Our original one is still going strong a year or so later. They’re great if you want a good scrubber without it scratching, but like others have said they do collect food bits which rinse out.


    Good for scrubbing potatoes, not so good for scrubbing dirty pans - like others I found they did scratch my enamel pans and the fibres tend to bend rather than holding their shape to remove stuck-on dirt. The loofah scourers are better.


    Stiff and hard to use at first. Used it on a non-stick pan as it was supposed to be "non-scratch" but it wrecked the pan. Will not buy again.


    Love these! So long lasting and non scratch.


    These are actually rather big! A smaller version might be more helpful for general washing up.

    Dee Fleming

    Nice idea but find these to be quite unhygienic as collect food debris in fibres and very difficult to rinse out. Won't be buying again

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