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  • Description

    Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set in Cotton pouch

    Bambaw's bamboo cutlery set is the best sustainable, plastic-free solution to single-use cutlery that we have found in the UK. Stored in a hard wearing cotton wrap with a popper closure, it is perfect for keeping your reusable cutlery with you for use on-the-go, camping, travelling, picnics, festivals etc!  You will be armed and ready to refuse any disposable plastic cutlery that comes your way! 

    I just love everything about this eco-friendly cutlery set, lightweight enough to be taken anywhere, but also durable enough to withstand continued use. The pouch comes in four lovely deep colours - choose your preference from the drop down menu.

    The travel utensil set includes:

    • A 20-cm bamboo fork 
    • A 20-cm bamboo knife with a serrated blade 
    • A 20-cm bamboo spoon 
    • A 20-cm bamboo straw 
    • A cleaning brush made with cotton fibres and stainless steel
    • A convenient cotton pouch
    • Vegan and cruelty free
    • Made responsibly in China

    The eco friendly travel cutlery is dishwasher safe, but we recommend washing in warm soapy water to keep it in tip top condition.

    At the end of life, the bamboo flatware can be safely composted. The pouch can be washed and reused for years!

    Bamboo is often called ‘the world’s most renewable material’. It can grow up to one meter a day. This fast grower absorbs five times more carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than trees. Bamboo requires no pesticides or fertilizers, and little water. When it is harvested, the plant regenerates itself in no time thanks to its incredible root system. These root systems also prevent erosion and nourish the soil with potassium and other nutrients.

  • About Bambaw

    Bambaw's mission is to reduce the waste generated on earth by providing affordable, quality, zero-waste products.


    Bamboo grows the best in tropical to subtropical climate. At Bambaw, all the bamboo products are organically and ethically sourced from bamboo farms in Indonesia and China. Always doing their best to ensure that strong social and environmental ethics are followed in all their partnerships. They make sure the workers are being paid well and have the right tools to work properly. To guarantee this they work closely with their partners and help them sustainably develop their production to keep the production footprint minimal.

  • Product FAQs

    Size & Weight 

    • What are the dimensions of the cutlery? The cutlery is 20cm long, the head of the spoon is 4cm wide and 5.5cm tall. The head of the fork is 3cm across and 5.5cm tall, the blade of the serrated knife is 2cm wide and 6.5cm long. 
    • How big is it when it’s all rolled up? When rolled up, the cutlery set is 21cm tall and 5cm across. Therefore, it fits easily into any backpack and most purses. 3 How heavy are they? The complete set weighs 80g. Therefore, you can take the lightweight cutlery set with you anywhere.


    • What materials are used? The cutlery and straw are made of bamboo, the straw cleaner is made of cotton fibres and stainless-steel. All materials are chosen for be-ing the most sustainable and durable option. 
    • What is the cover made of? The cover is made from cotton, which is a strong and compostable fibre. 
    • Is the cutlery varnished? The bamboo cutlery is sanded down and treated with a vegetable oil. It is recommended to oil the cutlery every two or three months to keep it in perfect condition. 
    • What is included? The cutlery set includes a spoon, a fork, a knife with a serrated blade and a straw made from bamboo. The straw also has a corresponding brush. All is packed in a cotton pouch with extra space for more utensils.

    Individual Cutlery Properties 

    • How sharp is the knife? The knife is sharp enough to cut cooked vegetables, meat or most other food. 
    • Can you use the spoon to eat soup? Yes, you can. It is the same size as a regular tablespoon. 
    • Is the fork sharp? The fork is sharp enough to spear cooked vegetables, meat and other food. 
    • Is the straw big enough to drink smoothies with? Yes, the straw is wide enough to drink smoothies or other beverages with it.

    Production & Impact 

    • Where are they manufactured? The cutlery set is manufactured sustainably in carefully chosen locations in China based on high social, environmental and economic standards. The cutlery sets are tested by third-party labs to ensure high quality and safety standards. 
    • Is the cutlery organic? Yes, the cutlery is made of organic bamboo. 
    • Are they vegan-friendly? Yes, they are. Moreover, Bambaw cutlery is handmade from organic bamboo and treated with vegetable oil, so no chemicals are used in the production process. 
    • Are they cruelty-free? Yes, they are. 
    • Is the cutlery food grade? Yes, the bamboo cutlery is safe for food in accordance to high European standards.
    • Do they feel smooth or like wood? The bamboo cutlery is sanded down and varnished with a vegetable oil. Therefore, it is smooth to the touch.


    • Should I wash them before the first use? Yes, it is recommended to wash the cutlery be-fore using it for the first time. Find complete washing instructions in the digital user manual. 
    • Does the cutlery stain? The cutlery set does not stain easily. If any stains do occur, you can clean the cutlery more thoroughly. Mix some vinegar (or lemon juice) and baking soda with water. Soak the cutlery for 20 minutes to remove odours and stains. Afterwards, rinse them thoroughly with hot water and dry with a cloth immediately. For more details on how to care for the cutlery set, have a look at the illustrated user manual. 
    • Can you put them in the dishwasher? You can but it is recommended to handwash them to make them last longer. The in-depth user manual guides you through the proper care for the wooden cutlery set.
    • How do I clean the case? You can hand wash it in warm soapy water. The cover can also be washed in a cold cycle in the washing machine. For more information, take a look at the in-depth user manual, which you can access via the URL and the QR-Code on the packaging.
    • What can I use the cutlery for? You can use the bamboo cutlery set for all foods and drinks at any place you like, for example the office, camping trips or festivals. 
    • Are they safe for children’s use? Yes, the cutlery is as safe for children as other cutlery. If your child knows how to use it, it has no problems with the bamboo cutlery set. 
    • Can you easily eat rice with them? Yes, you can, thanks to the thick prongs of the fork. 
    • Can you cook with them? Yes, you can, just be sure to towel dry the cutlery after they become wet. 
    • Are they ok to eat hot food with? Yes, the bamboo cutlery is well-suited to eat hot food with it, because the bamboo is heat resistant.


    • Will I be allowed to take them through airport security? Yes, you can. The cutlery set complies with the permitted dimensions. 
    • Are they portable? Yes, the cutlery set is perfect for underway. You can use it in the office, for picnics, travelling, for meals on the go, festivals and food markets. The cutlery set is designed to be strong and durable, yet lightweight and compact. This makes the bamboo cutlery set ideal to take it with you.

    Durability & Caring 

    • Can I only use them once? No, the bamboo cutlery set is made to be sturdy and durable, thus it is reusable many times. 
    • Will they break easily? No, the eco-friendly cutlery set is designed to be sturdy, so it does not break easily. 
    • How long will they last? The cutlery set is made to last for years. However, it is important to care for it properly to make it last longer. Take a look into the illustrated user manual for complete caring instructions. 
    • Will they give me splinters? No, the bamboo cutlery is sanded down and treated with vegetable oil. 
    • Will the bamboo split? No, the bamboo cutlery is made to be durable and does not split. 
    • Will the cutlery get soft? No, but avoid leaving the cutlery in water for long. Towel dry them immediately after washing. Find more caring instructions in the included user manual.


    • Are they recyclable? Yes, the cutlery set is recyclable and biodegradable. You can also repurpose the cutlery set, for which there is inspiration in the illustrated user manual. 35 
    • Are they compostable? Yes, cutlery, straw and pouch are compostable. The straw brush is recyclable.
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    Fantastic !

    Such a great set to keep in your bag as a replacement for plastic cutlery! Very sturdy and comes in a lovely case. Was so pleased with the straw also. Couldn't recommend it enough!

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