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    Bazoo - 100% Unbleached Bamboo Toilet Paper - Naked

    If you’re looking for an unbleached planet friendly bamboo toilet paper that comes without packaging, this could be the one for you!

    The team at Bazoo are proud (and rightly so) to be the makers of the world’s first and only carbon negative tree free toilet paper. This simply means that they take out more carbon emissions from the atmosphere than they put in! 

    • Bleach free and no inks or dyes 
    • 100% FSC certified sustainable bamboo - totally tree-free
    • Completely plastic free
    • Double-length rolls, 300 sheets per roll, 3-ply 
    • Soft and naturally hypoallergenic and deodorising 
    • Price is per roll

    Note:  we sell the bamboo toilet rolls individually to give you the chance to try them out - we recommend heading over to Bazoo if you would like to order in bulk - they do some great deals on subscriptions and different box sizes :)

    Sustainability of Bamboo

    • Bamboo is a completely self-generating grass which uses no pesticides or fertiliser
    • Bamboo requires no irrigation and uses 30% less water to grow than hardwood trees
    • Bamboo can grow up to 3ft in one day - that's 30 x faster than trees!
    • Bamboo absorbs 30% more CO2 and releases 35% more O2 than hardwood trees
    • Within 3-5 years bamboo is ready to be harvested, compared to 30 - 60 years for regular hardwood trees
    • 6 months after harvesting, bamboo has already re-grown and started maturing
    • Bazoo use FSC certified sustainable bamboo which means they have made sure that all of their bamboo comes from and is made with 100% Forest Stewardship Council approved forest-based materials. Their certificate gets renewed every year to make sure their bamboo forests, factories and their employees are still being looked after to the correct standard.
    • Bazoo's bamboo is grown and manufactured in China. It grows there naturally in abundance, and the toilet paper is produced from the pulp in a factory close-by. 

    Being Carbon Negative (or Climate Positive)

    Sustainability is at the heart of Bazoo’s mission.  

    Put simply being Carbon Negative means Bazoo offset more carbon emissions than they emit throughout their entire supply chain process (from growing the bamboo, to the moment it’s delivered to us here in the UK).  Bazoo work closely with ClimateCare to achieve and maintain their carbon negative certification.  

    This means that for every Bazoo product bought, carbon emissions are being physically removed from the Earth’s atmosphere. Well done Bazoo!

    On top of being carbon negative, Bazoo wanted to go the extra mile and donate 10% of their profits to two partnership charities, which alleviate the effects of environmental damage through protection and conservation. They have teamed up with RAINFOREST TRUST UK and Cornwall-based JUSTONEOCEAN.

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